Communication Tips

Even with the best fit hearing aids, you may experience difficulty understanding speech in all environments. This is normal. Even a normal hearing individual does not hear everything.

  1. Ask the person to move closer to you.
  2. Ask the person to move to a well lit area, so that you can see their mouth and facial expressions.
  3. Remind them not to talk while chewing.
  4. Ask them to talk slower and more clearly.
  5. Ask them to rephrase what was said instead of just repeating.
  6. Decrease background noise as much as possible for the environment.
  7. If you did not hear everything that was said, paraphrase what you heard and ask for the information you missed.

View or download the PDF below to learn tips for better communication:
Adobe PDFCommunication is a Two Way Street: Better Communication Habits, A Guide for Family and Freinds