Hearing Aid Evaluation

Preparing for your hearing aid evaluation

You just had a hearing test and were told that hearing aids would benefit you. We encourage you to schedule a hearing aid evaluation to learn about hearing aid options. This appointment is free and you will not be pressured into ordering hearing aids. We want you to make the decision of how to improve your hearing. If you decide to start a trial with hearing aids, a separate appointment will be scheduled where you will be fit with the devices and taught how to use them.

Before you come to the appointment it would be beneficial to spend a few minutes thinking about how your hearing loss affects your life.

  1. Do you think you have hearing loss? Or is someone else encouraging you to improve your hearing?
  2. In which situations have you experienced challenges with your hearing?
  3. If your hearing was improved, how would your life be different?
  4. Do you have any questions about your hearing loss?

You are welcome to bring a family member or friend to your appointment.

Important to know:
Most of the time two hearing aids will be recommended for a hearing loss. This is because your two ears work together. Two ears helps with locating sound and helps with hearing speech in

Hearing aid styles

There are various styles of hearing aids available. Below are some examples. During your hearing aid evaluation, the styles will be shown to you and recommendations will be made based off of your hearing loss and your personal preference.

Hearing Aid Styles

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

The electronics of the aid are held in a case that fits behind the ear. The sound is sent to the ear canal through a tube that is held in the ear with a silicone earmold. BTE hearing aids have the ability to deliver more power than smaller devices. The slightly larger size of the device makes it easier for those where dexterity is compromised. The casing behind the ear is available in several colors to suit your preference.

Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)

The majority of the electronics sit behind the ear, with a nearly invisible thin wire leading to a tiny speaker covered by a small piece of silicone that sits inside the ear canal. The RITE technology is one of the most cosmetically appealing hearing instruments. The sounds produced by a RITE hearing aid are more natural, through the utilization of open fit technology. The casing behind the ear is available in several colors to suit your preference.


All electronics of the hearing aid are in a shell that fits into the bowl of the ear. This hearing aid requires a mold so that it fits perfectly in your ear. Good for those where dexterity is compromised. The size of the hearing aid will depend on your preference, your degree of hearing loss, and the size of your ear canal.