It’s been about two years that I have been a patient of Dr. Jennifer Perry. It has always been a positive experience with dr. Perry helping me chose the best hearing device for my medical need. She has worked diligently to program the changes I have requested. Dr. Perry is upbeat & has a positive & winning demeanor that lends itself well to the patient-doctor relationship. I have recommended her to several friends for their hearing issues. I myself came to Dr. Perry based on a recommendation from a classmate at the YMCA. I am please with the patient care I have received from her & the office staff. Dr. Perry goes the “extra mile”!
Gail | 06/07/2016

Background – Almost a year ago, suspecting my hearing was failing, I visited the offices of Dr. Jennifer Perry, Audiologist, for a professional audiological exam. My suspicions were confirmed. My hearing was not at all what it once was. Following two diagnostic visits, Dr. Perry was able to quickly identify my areas of audiological need.

Outcome – From the beginning, Dr. Perry realized that the interior of my left ear canal was unusually formed. Over the next several months she worked tirelessly with three different ear mold labs (on both the east and west coast) in developing the precise mold that would work for me. Though my case was obviously unusual and challenging, she considered the challenge an opportunity to provide me with the best hearing aid functionality possible – and she did just that!

The outcomes of her over-and-above efforts have given me the gift of hearing that I never would have expected possible prior to visiting Dr. Perry. Quite simply, she never gave up on my difficult case until my ear mold was perfect. Consequently, my hearing has improved dramatically and my engagement in all conversational settings has improved beyond what I would have previously thought possible.

Recommendation – If your hearing is “slipping” and/or you feel you may need hearing aids, I strongly recommend you contact Dr. Perry. Without a doubt, her professional efforts on my behalf have changed my life. I am confident she can do the same for you.
K.P. Ed.D. | Ma’l 15, 2016

My experience with PHS has been wonderful. Jennifer has been so very helpful and requires patients to return several times to make sure they are satisfied and their hearing aids are working properly. I honestly feel this is a much more thorough experience than friends I have that receive their hearing aids from stores that are not affiliated with a Otorhinolaryngology Physician. I am very happy with my hearing aids and highly recommend Dr. Wikholm and Jennifer to all that are hearing impaired.
Patricia H. | Santa Maria, CA

I have ringing in my ears so loud that I found myself asking everyone to repeat what they said.

After a hearing test I saw, Jennifer Perry, the audiologist and she assured me that it I didn’t like the hearing aids I could return them within six weeks at no charge. She is knowledgeable and very easy going.

I can hear what is said and I can even turn on beach waves if I want. I love my hearing aids and my audiologist!
P.Z. | Santa Maria CA